Cyber Security Overview

At Cytek, our advanced cybersecurity tools and protocols make it easy to secure your information assets, protect patient data, maintain HIPAA compliance, and prevent cyberattacks before they even happen.

To ensure your business is safe and secure online, we offer essential cybersecurity solutions to reduce your risk from outside threats.

Risk Analysis/Vulnerability Testing

Detecting and reacting to a vulnerability, data breach, or cyberattack can be costly and time consuming. With risk analysis and vulnerability testing, we help you secure your endpoints and protect sensitive information by identifying vulnerabilities and determining threat levels before cybercriminals can find and exploit them.

We help you create an effective security strategy that prioritizes outstanding risks and initiates proper remediation.

    Penetration Testing

    When is the last time you check for potential weaknesses within your security infrastructure, including network, systems, hosts, and applications?
    At Cytek, we utilize penetration testing to test and identify security gaps within your organization and attempt to exploit them as a cybercriminal would. This approach can identify, document, and mitigate any vulnerabilities that may put your secured information at risk.

      Cybersecurity Awareness Training

      Reduce human error and transform your team into a strong security point with Cytek’s comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Training.
      With regularly updated course content and applicable recommendations, our program gives your employees the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and your organization against cyberattacks and threats happening in today’s world.

        Phishing Emails

        Prevent real-world phishing attacks that could result in costly damage and data leaks by improving your organization’s cybersecurity awareness in a meaningful, controlled environment.

        With Cytek Phishing, you can transform your users, employees, and team members into a point of strength and empower them by increasing their awareness of different phishing attacks. This tool is easy to use with preset templates, campaign scheduling, and advanced tracking reports to help you identify your weaknesses quickly.

        A risk assessment helps reveal areas where your organization’s protected health information (PHI) could be at risk. Take our free online assessment and start protecting your practice today.

        Getting your employees HIPAA certified is quick and easy with our self-paced, online training.