Cytek Shield

Harness the power of our robust file encryption tool to protect your local data.

How Does Hard Drive Encryption Help Protect You?

  • Suppose someone gains physical access to your computer and you are not using hard drive encryption. In that case, that intruder can easily steal all the sensitive data, protected health information, and unsecured files from your device.
  • All the information you thought was protected is gone and in the hands of a cybercriminal. A strong password on your device is not enough to protect your local data, which is why it is crucial to lock down and secure your device with strong hard drive encryption.

Cytek Shield: Local Hard Drive Encryption Made Easy

  • Cytek Shield provides an extra level of security by encrypting and protecting data stored on your local hard drive.
  • Our sophisticated encryption technology utilizes a robust mathematical algorithm to convert the data on your hard drive into unreadable content, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your information.
  • Cytek Shield uses a single sign-on (SSO) authentication method that enables you—and only you—to securely access your data with one set of credentials.
  • This means that you are the only one with the “key” to your locked hard drive, further sharpening your control over sensitive information and elevating your peace of mind.

You’re in Good Hands With Cytek

  • Encryption is more accessible than ever before; however, not all encryption is the same. At Cytek, we use the latest technology and security practices to safeguard your device and protect all your patient health information.
  • Trust us to bring you peace of mind with affordable and comprehensive cybersecurity services. Schedule a consultation with Cytek today.

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