Cytek Chat

How It Works

As a medical professional, you likely send countless direct messages and texts in a single day, whether it’s to other physicians, staff members, or colleagues.

While this is normal operating procedure, many messaging platforms, including Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and Skype, do not provide adequate protection. Your messages may be crossing an insecure network without any guarantee of encryption.

Sending patient data and protected health information in a way that is not secure is a significant HIPAA violation.

Cytek Chat is our highly secure, HIPAA-compliant chat software that makes it easy to send encrypted messages no matter where you are. Whether at the practice or out of the office, Cytek Chat allows you to securely communicate with staff and other physicians, share files, and collaborate hand in hand on patient files in real time.

HIPAA-Compliant Chat Made Easy With Cytek

Cytek Chat makes it simple to securely send and receive messages and collaborate with other physicians regarding PHI.

Our innovative software provides instant communication via Android and Apple applications on mobile devices, desktop computers, and online web browsers, making the transition to our HIPAA-compliant chat seamless.

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