HIPAA Training

Ensuring your medical practice’s technical and non-technical safeguards meet the national standards for securing PHI and ePHI is only a small part of showing you’re HIPAA compliant.

Training and educating your team on how to comply with HIPAA by following the necessary policies and procedures is also a crucial element.

Reasons for HIPAA Training

Our comprehensive HIPAA training course provides the key fundamentals you and your team must know about HIPAA compliance.

While receiving a HIPAA Certification does not mean you are automatically compliant, it does mean your employees understand the terms of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and how to apply this knowledge to your practice for compliance purposes.

At Cytek, we are experts in HIPAA rules and regulations. Our training equips you with a functional framework you can use to identify risks and organizational blind spots, address deficiencies, modify policies and procedures, and implement essential safeguards to ensure your practice is surpassing compliance requirements.

Our Approach

We know that HIPAA compliance is a process, not a destination. This is why we consistently update and modify our HIPAA training videos with new information to ensure our expert recommendations are changing alongside new revisions and requirements.

Our HIPAA Training, Certification, and Compliance course is completely online and self-paced, with most individuals completing the course in as little as 30 minutes. The course content is delivered in short videos and covers crucial HIPAA compliance topics, including:


  • HIPAA Overview
  • HIPAA Security Rule Basics
  • Breach Notifications
  • Omnibus Rule
  • Uses and Disclosures
  • Technical Safeguards
  • Administrative Safeguards
  • Physical Safeguards

Why Choose Cytek

Cytek’s HIPAA training is part of our comprehensive HIPAA compliance tool, Cytek Safeguard. Cytek Safeguard is your all-in-one, online compliance portal that makes it easy to organize documentation, create policies and procedures, complete HIPAA training, store business associate agreements, and more.

You can trust us to provide you with the right information and tools that make achieving HIPAA compliance seamless. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our team.

A risk assessment helps reveal areas where your organization’s protected health information (PHI) could be at risk. Take our free online assessment and start protecting your practice today.

Getting your employees HIPAA certified is quick and easy with our self-paced, online training.