HIPAA Compliant Email

Do your medical practice physicians, nurses, and staff frequently communicate with each other and patients via email? If so, using a HIPAA compliant email provider is crucial when discussing protected health information with your patients and patient details among your providers.

However, many popular email providers, including Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft Outlook, are not HIPAA compliant. They do not meet the requirements an email provider needs to have to be HIPAA compliant.

How Do You Make Email HIPAA Compliant?

An email provider needs a few key features to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, including:

  • End-to-End Email Encryption – Messages in transit and stored messages need encryption at both ends for optimal protection and security.
  • Transmission Security – HIPAA requires that ePHI remains secure before, during, and after transit. This may include recipient authentication methods, email encryption, and strong usernames and passwords.
  • Business Associate Agreement – The email provider must enter into a business associate agreement with your medical practice before using the service to send and receive ePHI.
  • Stored Messages – All email communications between physicians, nurses, and patients must be stored and retained in a safe and secure environment. This ensures all messages are accessible during an audit or if a patient needs the information.

Cytek’s Simple and Affordable Solution

Cytek Secure Mail is a highly-secure, HIPAA compliant email service for medical practices and healthcare professionals. Our innovative email software is developed by our cybersecurity experts and designed to provide a user-friendly, secure way of sending and receiving email communications.

 With seamless integration with the email providers you already use and dedicated customer support, Cytek Secure Mail is a simple and affordable solution for HIPAA compliant communications.

HIPAA Compliance Made Easy With Cytek

Cytek Secure Mail gives you peace of mind when sending, receiving, and discussing patient information via email.  Schedule a consultation with the Cytek team today to learn more about our HIPAA compliant email software.

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