Cybersecurity FAQ

How much should mid-sized businesses invest in cybersecurity?

This depends on each individual business and its cybersecurity needs. 

At Cytek, we recognize that while every business—big or small—should have strong cybersecurity measures and protocols, not all of them have an enterprise-sized budget. 

This is why we work with each individual business to find an all-in-one cybersecurity solution that is affordable and still provides an optimal level of protection needed for secure business operations. 

What’s the difference between penetration testing and vulnerability testing?

During penetration testing, an external tester attempts to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses within a business’s network. Then, they exploit those vulnerabilities to break into the system as a hacker would. 

Vulnerability testing, on the other hand, is performed internally. The tester is given access to the system and attempts to identify vulnerabilities and risks from within that could potentially be exploited by a cybercriminal if left unremediated.  

What applications does Cytek work with?

Our systems and software integrate with many different applications your business likely already uses. These applications include Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, and DSN, among many others. 

What is email phishing?

Email phishing is a social engineering attack used by hackers and cybercriminals to steal personal information, such as financial data or login credentials. They design malicious emails that prompt recipients to enter and share sensitive data they can use and exploit for gain. 

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