Cytek Securemail

Send and receive mail securely with our military-grade end-to-end email encryption.

The Importance of Email Security for Medical Practices

  • Protecting your patients’ private information and sensitive data through secure electronic communications is essential for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FERPA, CJIS, ITAR, GLBA, and SOX compliance.
  • Having strong email security supports your practice’s vital business operations while reducing the risk of unauthorized access or distribution of PHI and ePHI.
  • It also empowers your users and employees to confidently send and receive emails through a secure system protected by intelligent encryption and authentication methods.

How Cytek Secure Mail Works

  • Cytek Secure Mail is an innovative, hybrid tool that combines robust, 2-key asymmetric encryption methods with a user-friendly platform to provide end-to-end protection.
  • Our cutting-edge encryption process protects your email contents from when you hit send to when the email reaches and sits in the recipient’s inbox.

Powerful Security

Cytek Secure Mail implements military-grade encryption on both sides to deliver powerful security and protection. Combined with end-user verification methods, you can trust that Cytek Secure Mail will successfully get your sensitive information to the right recipient.

End-to-End Email Encryption

True data protection for the sender and recipient is the cornerstone of Cytek Secure Mail. Our precise security algorithms transform data into an unreadable cipher, protecting the sender’s message from origin to delivery. We then implement a 2-step verification process to authenticate the receiver and prevent unauthorized access.

Smooth Transition

We make the transition to using Cytek Secure Mail easy. Our team uses a hands-on approach by working directly with your practice to integrate the software and educate your employees on how to use the system. It takes around one hour to complete this transition, making it an ideal choice for busy healthcare practices.

Seamless Integration

We provide seamless integration with your existing email platforms, whether that’s Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, or DSN. No need to purchase, install, or maintain any other application. Once you create an account, you’re ready to send and receive secure, protected emails.

Customer Support

Our experts built Cytek Secure Mail with ease of use in mind. If you have questions or concerns, we’re here to help. Our friendly support technicians are based at our U.S. headquarters and are available by phone and email if you need assistance.

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